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Mapping Future Imaginaries

alys longley and Linda Knight present Mapping Future Imaginaries for BusProjects, Melbourne.

We speculate on worlds to come through a program of interactive and collaborative mapping tasks. These tasks include an iteration of the Envelopes Project from Beberemos El Vino Nuevo, Juntos!/ Let us Drink the New Wine Together! - in which we invite Australian audience-participants to contribute to an envelope series that we'll then send on to Chile. We're also inviting participants from all over the world to join our digital exhibition A Tilting Body of Precarious Maps and Migrant Constellations, where we will house the live stream performances of h u m a t t e r i n g for the opening on 30 November. 

Linda Knight has developed Mapping posthuman citizen shadows, wherein using her inefficient mapping protocol, visitors to Bus Projects take a fold-out map or postcard with prompts for mapping the shadows of diverse things and beings in the urban scape. The collation of the shadow mappings will build a posthuman citizen data-bank that counters the usual population data of cities and towns.

Linda is also organising an Intergenerational counter-mapping project on Tuesday 14 December, 4-5pm.   Participants will send postcards as snapshots of places we visit to others, and in doing so we convey an experience to people we know, extending a cartography of a place outwards.

On a blank postcard, adults and children work collaboratively to create a non-pictorial, sensorial counter-mapping of a meaningful local space. There should be discussion and decisions made about why the space is meaningful and what to include in the mapping. You can stay in one spot to create a map, or take a walk somewhere. This intergenerational counter-mapping builds an urban cartography of the ways children feel about their place and how they orient themselves in urban space.

The mapping future imaginaries concentric curriculum considers possibilities for diverse citizens and communities, imagining new civics, more-than-human futures, and social and environmental systems that critique the damage of current structures and prejudices.



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