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Maps / Mapas


The Beberemos El Vino Nuevo Juntos! project considers borders to be political fictions and follows practices of counter-mapping, in which mapping is a doing, a making, an experiencing. 


Continuing artistic friendships and creative exchanges across national boundaries, languages, cultures, across diverse forms of spatial and economic borders, is the core principle behind this art work,  which follows the Situationist game of the Exquisite Corpse to bring distant bodies into conversation.  We aim to materialise a form of care that exists in the attempt to aesthetically, poetically and actually, mitigate the distance between divides, to open spaces of conversation and connection between communities. This project has sought ways to bring artists to virtually touch beyond geopolitical bubbles and continue modes of connecting and working, to make connections between strangers in an era of magnified distance. 


In the mapping project, Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira and Alys Longley sent the same digital map to artist friends and acquaintances across the world – inviting each one to rewrite the world a little with an intervention of their choice. Out of this experiment, maps were returned from all continents of the world – from Thailand, Japan, China, India, Iran, many artists across Europe, South America, North America, Aotearoa NZ and Australia. For the Beberemos El Vino Nuevo Juntos! these maps are combined through chance processes into a collective body. 

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